The Mac Observer: Digital Music – Can You Hear Above 16-bit/44.1kHz?

Someday you start a small record collection and you hear beyond sound quality. It’s a shame that you might have to look for something else than a Technics SL 1210 MK5 though.

This entire article was written while listening to vinyl. All my records are in good shape, and I have a new belt and needle on my Technics SL-B210 turntable in my office, but it still sounds a lot worse than even the worst CD I can find. Pops, crackles and wow & flutter mean I’d have to spend many thousands of dollars to upgrade my hardware (and likely vinyl) to get anywhere close to CD quality. But it is fun flipping records and reading liner notes.

Digital Music: Can You Hear Above 16-bit/44.1kHz? – The Mac Observer.